Tradingview Setup

Open chart for instrument you want to trade.

Set Time Frame to 7, 10, or 15 minute. Currently our favorite is 7 Minute.

Once you have been granted access to TheTradingBot, you will see it listed in your “Invite Only” Scripts

In the right pane click on “TheTradingBot” to add it to the chart

Your indicators added to chart are listed in top left of chart

Hover over “TheTradingBot” and click the gear icon to open up the settings.

Exchange Name = must match what you entered into Alertatron

Ticker Name = the ticker of the instrument on your chart

Available Balance = Set this to the max position size you want.

Max Position Size = leave at 100

Long Position Size = Available Balance * 0.004 (long factor)

Short Position Size = Available Balance * 0.005 (short factor)

***We are currently experimenting with different factors and will update new guidance

Trim Position Size To, % = 80 is what we are using but you can choose a different %.

Every time the bot sells, it checks your current position size. IF it is at or over your MAX, it will reduce the position by to this %. This keeps your position from growing too large.

ALL other settings should be left alone. In the future, we will give explanation of each setting.

Using settings other than default may result in worse performance, but also may be better. We are in the early days of TheTradingBot and expect our users will discover much better settings over time and we can update our guidance.

Set Alert

Change Condition to “TheTradingBot”

Change to Alert Function Calls Only

Make Open Ended and paste your Alertatron Webhook – Optionally add a sound alert

DONE. now wait for signal and Verify in exchange