The Trading Bot

Stress-Free Way to Build Highly Profitable Long Positions on Auto-Pilot

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Buy Low Sell High, Automated

You know this is the best way to trade, but its very hard to-do manually

Builds Phatty "Long" Positions over time

Bot make multiple micro-buys when short term trend is down. And only sells when short-term trend is Up.

Continually Improves Average Long Entry

Buy making multiple small profitable trades over time, your Avergage Entry gets Lower and Lower.

The Art of Trading Without Trading

No-more trying to pick single entries and exits - It doesn't work
Instead, build a highly profitable LONG position over time.

Accumulate and Distribute Like a BOSS

The Bot is Long-Biased

Over time, it buys more than it sells and builds a nice Long
Position with Average Entry Always Improving

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